Windsurfers are the fastest sailing craft afloat. Haven Banks offers a variety of options for how this exhilarating sport can be used. As an RYA recognised teaching establishment with fully qualified and experienced RYA Instructors, we offer courses for the complete beginner on either a one-off taster session or on a "Start Sailing Course".

This course will take you from complete beginner, teaching you the basics of windsurfing using the right equipment; enabling you to sail to where you want to go to and back to where you started from.

Having mastered the basics, the intermediate windsurfer can move onto an "Intermediate Windsurfing Course" and learn new techniques such as the beach start, the foot straps and using a harness.

Course run during weekends, evenings and throughout schools holidays. If you fancy it, some of the best windsurfing can be found during those Autumn and winter months, as well as during the spring and summer.

RYA courses and Intermediate windsurfing groups use the Exe Estuary from Starcross Yacht Club, where the Centre has both a Sailing, Windsurf & Power-boat base, with introductory sessions taking place on the River Exe.

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