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Rock Clings and Abseiling

Rock-climbing and Abseiling

The intrinsic rewards that come from combining trust, concentration, agility, balance, strength and judgement are unequalled in any other sport. Nothing heightens the senses more than the combination of delight and relief that comes from reaching the top of an achievable, though demanding rock climbing route.

The Centre runs both taster sessions and courses for Adults and Young people in both climbing and abseiling. Taster sessions offer the opportunity for groups to experience rock-climbing, perhaps for the first time, on real rock.

Content of courses include equipment selection and maintenance, climbing techniques, rope work, bouldering techniques (climbing without ropes), Introduction to simple rope work, Belaying (controlling the rope for the climber), Single pitch ascents and abseiling , use of technical equipment and Crag "etiquette". Young people can take part as an organised group or by joining one of our many school holiday activity programs.

As well as rock-climbing, the Centre also offers abseiling, either as part of a rock-climbing session or course or as a session in itself. We have also been asked to deliver abseiling on a number of fund raising charity events. Dingles, Exeter College, Exeter University and churches are just a few venues we have used for this purpose!

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