Raft Building


Raft building provides an eventful activity that all can take part in. Key skills of design, team -work, allocation and use of resources can be woven into a problem-based activity. Group co-operation and innovation come together into what is a fun team challenging activity where the consequences of poor design, building and teamwork can soon have a wet result!

Raft Building is an ideal activity for groups of adult and young people, it requires creativity, initiative and teamwork, the activity focuses on group dynamics, communication skills and leadership. We present the group with the challenge of building the raft out of limited resources. The rafts must be big enough and strong enough to carry the team to a set destination.  Each Team must work together on all stages from carrying their materials, to the designing, building and finally paddling of their rafts.

Barrels, poles, ropes, paddles and water and a few "red herrings" are a recipe for great fun and all being well a seaworthy vessel, though commonly a thorough soaking!

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