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Caving is the exploration of caves and can mean different things to different people. For some it can be escapism from the daily grind, to others a fun way of getting some exercise and for most a totally new environment in which to explore.

There are also many aspects and disciplines that attract people. These include the exploration of new caves, SRT, climbing, diving, photography, even sketching and painting! It comes down to the individual, but caving is certainly regarded as a very worthwhile pastime to all those who participate in the sport.

Caving is an activity suited to all ages and most ability levels. Instructors choose and adapt the route to the group or individual depending on their ability, levels of confidence, physical ability and/or sense of adventure!

A typical session will include kitting up & a safety brief. You will then enter the system to experience a totally new world of limestone passages, some starting life over a million years ago. Instructors can tailor your sessions to your or the groups needs. Sessions have the aim of being fun, educational and above all safe. Whether you chose this activity for the adventure, the sport, the geography or geology, it really is a fascinating adventure. Within some caves you will find bats others active stream ways which continue to form the passage system.

This is a great individual or team-building activity, one which gives a real sense of achievement and satisfaction. All trips are led by qualified and experienced Instructors at a ratio of 1:6 minimum, this way enabling groups to see much more of the cave system, without following a long chain of people.

The Centre uses several caves, both within Devon & the Mendip Hills. Sessions can be booked privately or on one of our Adult Courses or Easter, October, February & May Half-Terms or Summer Holiday Activity weeks.


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